Idea to DONE: VIP Day with Candice Lee

Idea to DONE with Candice Lee
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I work with clients by taking them through my Idea to DONE Process to prioritize their projects, strategize an action plan and optimize the steps to finally actualize that idea in a only a few months, weeks, or even days, instead of wasting a year or more on inaction.

This isn't your usual coaching program. We won't be wasting time doing weekly coaching calls, and it won't take six months to finally see yourself turning ideas into plans, and plans into action.

By the end of a VIP Day, my clients have gone from agonizing and stagnating to actually doing the thing, and are finally moving forward and making momentum with their brilliant idea.

What Happens During our VIP Day?

Exchange Voice Messages

We'll hang out virtually over the course of a full day, exchanging asynchronous voice messages.

Stop, Think, Reflect

You'll have time to stop, think, and reflect on discussion items as they come up, without feeling pressured to have answers on the spot.

Take Action

You'll have time to process our discussion and take action on items we talk about - making it more likely you'll follow through with your brilliant ideas.

A More Productive Use of Time

We'll be much more productive and cover more ground than we could in a 90-minute consulting call, while not going overboard with months of coaching sessions.

Imagine this:

Imagine no more agonizing.

Imagine no more stagnating.

 Imagine actually taking action on all those brilliant projects and plans you've dreamed up.

Let me take you from Idea to DONE with a VIP Day.

I want this!

12 hours of VIP access to Candice Lee through asynchronous voice messaging


Idea to DONE: VIP Day with Candice Lee

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I want this!